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Description of Products and services


 Breakfast Club

• This programme encourages activity prior to the school day. It teaches children the importance of exercise before school and hopefully imprints a healthy lifestyle for now and the future.  The scheme also provides families who for professional, personal and financial reasons cannot always be around in the mornings. This gives children a great start to the day taking part in exercise and having fun.

Lunch Time Club 

• We can offer your children a fun and enjoyable alternative through their lunch times. Sessions can either be of an hour or half hour duration. Offering 2 separate lunch time clubs for half an hour can bring the cost down for the pupils making it more accessible. These clubs prove very popular for both the schools and the pupils.

 After School Club 

• Not only do after school clubs support the schools extended school programme, they assist parents with child care provision, but they also provide a safe fun environment for children to learn new skills and increase their confidence and level of physical activity.

• The clubs are very easy to sign up to. The children hand in application forms to the school secretary or nominated member(s) of staff given by the school.  You can see all our after school clubs we offer and download forms from the link below.

• We can also attend the school to promote the clubs during one of the schools assemblies. These Clubs can be made specific to the group, or to the schools requirements. They not only have to be football related but we also provide several sports and Multi-Skills clubs especially for Key stage 1 children at present.

• For Clubs and Courses please click here…… Link

 Inset Days

• Performing Sports can help parents not have to take the day off work. Our coaches deliver a full school day of coaching which is normally Multi-Sports based but canalso be sport specific to keep the children entertained and enthusiastic throughout.  Also prizes can be won at the end of the day.

• All sessions take place at your school and are for children aged between Year R and Year 6.

• You will find the Inset programmes listed which are scheduled to run in Clubs and Course on Home page.

• Please contact if you have any further questions or queries.

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